Cardiolex delivers a complete ECG solution, with a focus on simplicity, efficient workflow and high quality.

Operations: Development, production and sale of ECG equipment and software. The mission statement is "Easy to use ECG", which defines the company's solutions and is achieved through digitalisation of the ECG workflow.

Geographical market: Europe.

Customers: Hospitals, cardiology clinics and primary care. About 70% of Swedish hospitals use Cardiolex products. The subsidiary Strässle is the European market leader in vacuum systems for ECG.

Johanna Genberg, VD,Cardiolex

Our easy to use ECG systems and digital solutions for a paperless ECG workflow are developed in close collaboration with customers in Sweden. Our strengths are integration and connectivity and we contribute to the development of a more efficient health care

Johanna Genberg, CEO of Cardiolex



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