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UN’s Global Goals

Our contribution to the UN’s Global Goals

MedCap has analysed the 17 Global Goals to determine which of them we should focus on in our operations and how we can integrate them into our business. The analysis has been conducted from the perspectives of impact, opportunity and how we create value for patients and users of our products. As a result of the analysis we will focus on the following 6 objectives in the years ahead:

Goal 3

Goal 3 Good health and well-being

All companies in the MedCap Group work to develop and provide medical devices and pharmaceuticals that contribute to more efficient healthcare, better health and increased well-being. The companies are in close contact with the healthcare system to understand the needs that exist and work on preventive interventions to meet medical demand.

Goal 4

Goal 4 Quality education

MedCap’s subsidiary Abilia gives individuals with special needs the opportunity to complete their education and helps them become included in the labour market. Better learning environments at schools are positive for all pupils, teachers and
school staff.

Goal 5

Goal 5 Gender equality

All companies in the MedCap Group work to achieve a workplace that is gender equal in all respects, where it is a matter of course that all employees, regardless of gender, ethnic background or disability, are given the opportunity to develop on equal terms.

Goal 8

Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth

Medcap’s objective is to create stable, sustainable growth. We see it as a
matter of course to offer decent working conditions to our employees and support inclusion in the labour market by several companies in the Group providing individuals with disabilities with better conditions to perform their work.

Goal 10

Goal 10 Reduced inequalities

MedCap’s subsidiary Abilia contributes to equality and diversity by increasing
the independence and involvement of individuals at home, at school and in the workplace, and to a more inclusive society. Several of the Group’s subsidiaries work for the inclusion of all people regardless of disability and their ability to work, including through our partner Samhall.

Goal 12

Goal 12 Responsible consumption and production

MedCap’s manufacturing subsidiaries are making the transition to more sustainable packaging solutions and work continuously to optimise packaging to reduce the environmental impact of the transport chain. When purchasing packaging, the aim is to choose environmentally classified, sustainable packaging for the products made available to the market. We also work actively to replace products that may not meet the company’s quality and
environmental requirements.


Our long-term sustainability focus

Through our Code of Conduct, we have included the Global Compact's principles in our corporate strategy.

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