Board Remuneration

Fees and other remuneration to directors, including the chairman, shall be approved by the annual general meeting. The annual general meeting of 9 May 2022 resolved that directors’ fees shall amount to SEK 425 thousand for the chairman and SEK 175 thousand for each other director. The above fees are remuneration for a period of one year.

In agreement with MedCap, directors may invoice their fees, provided that prevailing legislation, through a company and the invoiced fees shall consequently be determined so as to be cost-neutral for MedCap. In addition, directors are not entitled to any remuneration in connection with the termination of their duties.

Remuneration in financial year 2021

The table below presents an overview of remuneration paid to the current directors of MedCap in financial year 2021. Peter von Ehrenheim resigned in connection with the EGM on December 9, 2021 and was replaced by Karl Tobieson. Henrik Blomquist resigned from the board on 7 September. David Jern was elected in connection with the EGM on December 9, 2021.

SEKk Director’s fee/basic salary/ consultant fee (ex. VAT) Defined-contribution pension costs Variable remuneration Total
Peter von Ehrenheim 390 - - 390
Karl Tobieson 35 - - 35
Anders Hansen 160 - - 160
Henrik Blomquist 107 - - 107
David Jern 13 - - 13
Anders Lundmark 160 - - 160
Nina Rawal 160 - - 160
Total 1 025 - - 1 025