Anna Törner

Born 1963
Director since May 2022.
Independent in relation to MedCap/major shareholders: Yes/yes

Education: MSc Pharm and MSc Mathematical Statistics, PhD Medical Science Karolinska Institutet.

Other current positions: Business Director SDS MedteQ/SDS Life Science. Chairman of Arendi AB and SDS MedteQ AB. Director of Respiratorius AB (publ), AT Statistics AB, Jonas & Kollegor AB (incentive company for employees of SDS Life Science and SDS MedteQ) and SDS Life Science AB.

Previous positions (past five years): Employment in regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies and academic positions. Founder of SDS Life Science 2012, a consulting company focusing on drug development and statistics, and SDS MedteQ 2020, a consulting company focusing on medical technology. Common themes in working life have been regulatory affairs, statistics, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Holdings: Anna Törner holds no shares in MedCap AB (publ)